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  • Health Score Metrics

    Account's Health is determined using some components and metrics for that account.

  • Health 360

    Monitor your accounts and calculate their health so that you know which ones need your attention and why.

  • Actionability (Log and Communicate)

    Learn how to log your daily tasks, notes, offline activities, and how to communicate with your customers.

  • Timeline

  • Portfolio

  • Milestones

    Track key product activities that your customers take within your product, on their journey to success.

  • Alerts

    Monitor accounts proactively, generate high value signals , and orchestrate how Customer Success teams act.

  • Segments

    Bucket and act on your accounts and users on basis of business-level grouping (think Plan, Contract Value, Lifecycle sta

  • Custom Attributes

    This section covers how to add, log, view and use custom attributes in CustomerSuccessBox.

  • Configuring CustomerSuccessBox

    There are multiple ways in which you can configure CustomerSuccessBox to match your Customer Success Processes. This sec

  • PlayBooks

    Using Playbooks, CustomerSuccessBox allows you to manage defined processes for Accounts. Processes such as Onboarding, U

  • Outcomes

    Outcomes for accounts are common goals/objectives that are tracked by Customer Success Managers.

  • Portfolio Dashboard

    Landing screen for success team. Track your portfolio and productivity. Easily track what might need your attention.

  • Team Management and Profiles

    Learn how to manage your team within CustomerSuccessBox

  • User Journeys

    Learn how to create User Journeys in CustomerSuccessBox to facilitate journeys for Users as they enter specific user seg

  • Slack Integration

    CustomerSuccessBox is integrated with Slack to keep the entire team informed of Customer Success activity. Our slack int

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  • Onboarding Resources

    Best Practices Guide for the Customer Success Leaders to implement CustomerSuccessBox Solution.