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Step 3: Define Goal(s) for Account Journey


This article will list out the steps to configure Goal(s) that need to be achieved by the Account for whom the Journey is activated. 


Goals let you define the positive behaviour that is ideally desired by enlisting an Account in the Journey. 

As soon as a rule defined for the Goal is met, all matching Accounts are tagged as 'Goal Achieved' immediately.

Depending on the value of 'Exit' criteria set for Goal in the 'Exit' tab, CustomerSuccessBox will either:

  • Check for Goal match, mark a matching Account as 'Goal Achieved', and proceed with the next set of actions for the Account

  • Check for Goal match, mark the Account as 'Goal Achieved', and exit Journey immediately.

Defining Goal(s)

Click on 'Set Now' in the Goals tab to start defining Goals that need to be achieved by Accounts in a Journey. Refer to the image below for more details.  

Select Criteria for Goal(s)

You will be able to select multiple Properties and the criteria for each Property that needs to be fulfilled or not fulfilled for the Goal to be achieved.

Click on 'Save' once you have selected all the Properties and the related criteria to save your Goal(s) defined

Properties and associated criteria

The different Properties and the associated operators and criteria that can be used to define Goals are listed in the table below



Criteria Selection


Account Segment

  • Has met

  • Has not met

Account Segment

Account Segments

Account Milestone

  • Has met

  • Has not met

Product Adoption Milestone


Account Playbook

  • Active in

  • Has never been enrolled

  • Has completed

  • Is overdue



Account Outcomes

  • Has met

  • Has not met




  • More than/less than/equal to

  • Contains/does not Contain

  • In/Between/ Before/After

  • MRR

  • Amount

  • Created on

  • Next Billing on

  • Licenses

  • Stage

  • Status



  • More than/less than/equal to

  • Contains/does not Contain

  • In/Between/ Before/After

  • Status

  • Amount

  • MRR

  • Product Name

  • Plan Name

  • Plan Quantity

  • Plan Unit Price

  • Activated On

  • Cancelled On

  • Created On

  • Next Billing On

  • Subscription Ends On

  • Subscription Start On

  • Trial Ends On

  • Trial Start On



  • Equal to

  • Not equal to

  • Customer Success Manager

  • Sales Manager


Account Custom Attributes

  • More than/less than/equal to

  • Contains/does not Contain

  • In/Between/ Before/After

Account Custom Attributes

Account Custom Attributes

Saving Goals

Click Save & Next to save the Goals configured and start defining the Exit Criteria that to complete the Journey for an eligible Account

Contact Us

In most cases, you would have a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will be your point of contact for any queries or assistance. You may also,

  1. Initiate a chat directly from within CustomerSuccessBox. Use chat option from Chat icon in the left side navigation bar

  2. Create a conversation from here

  3. Send an email to



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