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How to associate my JIRA Issues to Accounts in CustomerSuccessBox?


Once the JIRA integration has been authorised, we will be able to fetch all your issues raised on JIRA. You will now be able to map respective accounts to the issues raised by them. You can also associate an issue to multiple accounts, simultaneously.

Who can associate/map issues?

Issues can be mapped to respective accounts by any user on CSBox, who has access to the account in discussion. Also, we can now associate Jira cards by mentioning the Unique Identifiers of the account in the Jira card Label. These could be the account success managers, admins or even the support team.

How can I associate issues to my Accounts?

Simply follow the steps mentioned below to successfully associate your accounts with the issues raised by them:

  1. Search for the Account you want to associate the issue with.
  2. Click on the 'Issues' tab.

  3. Search for the Issue ID (Issue IDs are usually the alpha-numeric ids used to identify a particular issue) and select the IDs which you wish to associate.

  4. Once the Issue ID is selected, you can choose to associate multiple accounts with the same issue.
  5. Once you have selected the accounts, click on "Associate"
  6. You will now be able to see all the Associated cards in the "All Associated Cards" section

The above method demonstrates to manually associate Jira Cards from CS Box account(s) 360 page. We have now released a more efficient method of associating Jira Cards with the respective accounts automatically by mentioning the Event_account_ID in Jira Card Labels.

 The steps are given below - 

  1. Open the account in CS Box application and copy the Unique Identifier for the account. 
  2.  Add the Unique Identifier of the account in the Jira Card under Labels. 

  3. We just need to make sure that the Project and Issue type is selected while configuring the Jira Integration. 

  4. That's it, just sit back and relax. Once the integration sync again as per the schedule, your Jira card will be automatically associated to the respective Account(s) as mentioned in Jira Labels.

This is the most efficient way of associating the Jira cards automatically with the respective accounts in CS Box and requires less efforts than manually searching for the Jira Issue and associating them via accounts 360 page.

We can add multiple Account_ID(s) to the Jira Issue Labels in order to associate the Jira Issue with multiple accounts in CS Box.

Where can I see details of the Issue card?

Once the card has been associated successfully, you can see click on the card name to view all details for the card. You can also view the ongoing conversations by your team on the cards. You can also click on "Open in JIRA" to open the card on your JIRA application.

How do I dis-associate JIRA card from my account?

Once you hover on the card which needs to be dis-associate, you will see delete button, clicking on the delete button to dis-associate.

If the Jira Issue has been associated automatically using Jira card Labels, we need to make sure that the account ID is removed from the Labels as well as the Jira Issue is dis-associated from the account.
If the Jira issue is dis-associated from the account in CS Box but the account_ID is present in Jira Issue Labels then the Jira Issue will get associated again with the next scheduled sync

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