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How to add Issues to Health Configuration?


Now that you have authorised the JIRA integration and associated the JIRA cards to respective accounts manually or via import, you can:

  • Configure your Service Health based on these cards
  • Set up proactive alerts
  • Segment your customers on the basis of this

This article will help you understand how to use this to determine your customers' health using examples and recommended best practices.

Why this needs to be a part of Health configuration?

Timely resolution of a customer's issues and requests plays a major role in understanding customer Service health as a result adding another layer to understand the overall health of the account. To know how to edit your health configuration, click here.

EXAMPLES: Here are a few criteria you can use to set up your Health 360 based on Issues
  • Criteria for Good Service Health - When a customer has no overdue issues
  • Criteria for Poor Service Health - When a customer has too many overdue issues

How will my CSM see the Trend data?

Once you you start associating issues with your account on CustomerSuccessBox, under the service health section for each Account, you will notice information and trends related to your issues along with your support tickets.

How to set up Proactive Alerts?

Similar to how we set up alerts for other parameters, you can now use 'Issues' to set up proactive alerts to improve your customer experience. To set this up follow the steps below:

  1. Click on 'Alerts' under the 'Settings' tab.
  2. No click on 'Add New Alert'
  3. Under the newly added 'Issues' tab, you can now add alerts based on the parameters shown above

EXAMPLES: Some examples of Alerts you can set up:
  • Set an alert to highlight when a customer has too many overdue issues
  • Set an alert to highlight when an account has too many critical issues
  • Set a separate 'Onboarding' alert to identify accounts facing too many issues during the onboarding phase.
You can choose to what action needs to take place once an alert has been highlighted - You can enrol an account into a playbook or you can also assign a manual task to the CSM to take the necessary actions.

Where will my CSMs be able to see these Alerts?

All alerts set based on 'Issues' can be view on your Alert board. CSMs would also be notified over an email once the alert goes off. 

How can I set up Segments based on issues?

Similar to how you set up segments, you can segment your customers based on 'Issues' now. You can choose to create a segment at an Account level or at a User level as well. Simple click on Segments, under the navigation bar and  click on 'Add Segment'

EXAMPLES: Some examples Segments you can add
  • Create a segment for all your customers in the onboarding phase that have too many issues associated
  • Create a segment for all customers having overdue issues

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