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User Roles and Personas


This article will assist you in attributing stakeholders of your product (users of your product) to the right user personas.

Who’s this for?

This article is for each and every member of the Customer Success team who manage Accounts (directly or indirectly) within CustomerSuccessBox. It will also be useful for the CSMs to target the users based on the persona.


Often, you want to know the behaviour patterns of specific type of users - like how often admin users/ head of department/buyer logging into your product.  

Segregation of users plays a very important part of analysing any kind of user data. If you closely observe, your product team looks at the User roles  & Marketing/sales team refers to User personas.

What's the difference between User roles & User personas?

User Personas are the fictional characters used to represent a specify behaviour of a user-type. User Role is usually the access level of the user in your application

For a CRM company, 

  • User Personas can be Head of Sales, VP of Sales, Sales Manager, SDR , Sales Operations etc 
  • User Role can be  Admin, Super Admin, End-user etc

Usually, CustomerSuccess Managers are interested in the User Roles as well as User Personas. Understanding both helps them to make smart moves in their efforts of increasing the product adoption by analysing the product adoption.

Configuring & Managing user Personas

How to configure User Personas? 

  • Go to  Settings and select User Details.

  • Choose User Personas & add new Personas.

  • Add new user Personas. 

You will now be able to add Personas to all the individual User.

How do I add a user persona to a user?

Search for a user on global search or on individual account. While editing the users, you will be able to see & select a user persona for a user.

How can I see personas of each of my users in an account?

Once you fill-up Personas for each account, you will see that in User section.

Can I bulk upload?

Yes, of-course, you can import or send the data via APIs

Option 1: Importing manually

  • Go to Settings, choose Import
  • Download the sample user sheet, add event account ID(unique identifier of an account & User ) along with a column of User Persona, user role etc
  • Upload the data

Option 2: Sending data via API

 If you are already maintaining it in your admin application or CRM, you can even send us via APIs.

Please refer this for more details-

Can I create User Segment for a specific Persona?

Yes, definitely, you can segment the users based on User Personas along with other parameters.

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