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Integrating LiveAgent with CustomerSuccessBox


CustomerSuccessBox supports integration with LiveAgent to pull in conversations and associated metrics. In this article, we list the steps and requirements to integrate LiveAgent with CustomerSuccessBox.

Why should I integrate with LiveAgent?

Integrating LiveAgent with CustomerSuccessBox with just one-click standard authorization enables you to:

  • View support conversations raised by your CustomerSuccessBox users in one single place

  • Configure Risk Alerts and Set up  Service Health on Total Critical Tickets, Critical Unresolved Tickets, Total Tickets, Total Open Tickets, and Last Support Request Created

  • Lists Accounts on Total Critical Tickets, Critical Unresolved Tickets, Total Tickets, and Total Open Tickets

Step 1: Prerequisites for one-click integration

  • You need to have a paid account with LiveAgent.

  • Your access to LiveAgent must be equivalent to an Admin level for authorizing integration with CustomerSuccessBox.

  • Existing users must have email defined for themselves in either email or business email attribute.  This enables CustomerSuccessBox to identify support tickets raised by users of that account in LiveAgent with the users present at the Account level in CSB.

  • If your internal stakeholders like your CSM’s or Account Managers, raise tickets on behalf of customers, then in order to map tickets in CustomerSuccessBox at an Account level, we would need to custom map them, to the Account domain. For custom mapping, prices can vary, kindly discuss with your CSB Account Manager.


  • Conversations are synced once every day at midnight GMT along with associated support metrics.

  • LiveAgent conversations take up to 6-12 hours depending on the volume of tickets once authorized to fetch in all relevant conversations. 

  • Risk Alerts, Service Health, and Lists can be set up instantly.

  • CustomerSuccessBox only syncs in tickets created in the last 6 months.


Step 2: Authorizing Access to LiveAgent

Follow the steps below to authorize CustomerSuccessBox access to LiveAgent

  1. Log in to your CustomerSuccessBox instance 

2. Navigate to the Integrations Hub from Settings > Integrations


3. Find and click on the LiveAgent card under the Other Available Integrations (in All or Support section) and click Connect Now.

4. Once you click on Connect Now, you need to Copy the site from your LiveAgent site URL and copy the API Token from LiveAgent and enter API Token and site in the respective fields. Learn more about getting your API token

5. After entering the details, click Authorize. You’ll either see an alert of error if the credentials entered are incorrect in red or for successful verification in green on the top right side for few seconds.


That's it! LiveAgent is integrated with just the authorization. 


Step 3: How do I verify the data coming in 

  • How would I know if integration is a success?

You can check if the integration is a success, by going to your CustomerSuccessBox instance, gear icon on the top right corner→ Integrations, and under Connected Integrations, you should see the LiveAgent card with checked “Enabled” status is green.





  • Where do I check the data coming from LiveAgent?

You can find the customer where you are 100 % sure that tickets are associated with that account and the user's email address is the same as the requestor's email address of tickets. You can search the name of that Account, click on the "Tickets'' tab.


The tickets tab will show all the tickets, associated with that account.



  • How do I check the data coming from LiveAgent?

Create a List for testing purposes.

With the following criteria - Total tickets greater than 1 in last 90 days

Do not forget to enable the list after creation. You will see all accounts where tickets have been created in the last 90 days. You can open up an account, go to the tickets tab to see all the relevant tickets.



  • If the user is not present in CSB, will the ticket get fetched?

Answer: No, we only fetch tickets of the users whose email address is present in CSB. You can definitely create a user in CSB & then tickets will get created & associated when integration runs next.

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