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New Product enhancements| In tasks, logs, attachments etc


We have few enhancements that has mostly been asked by customer to cater to various use-cases.

  • Enhancements in the task:

    • If a CSM "A" creates a task for CSM "B", a system generated email communication will be sent to a CSM "A" once the task has been marked completed by CSM "B".

    • In the Taskboard, system will now show the tasks completed in the last 30 days only.

  •  Log type enhancements:

    Earlier the log types were not editable because of which standard attributes were not editable. Now, you can edit the standard attribute & give it a name which your team internally use.

You will now be able to edit the names of the Logs.

Enhancements in Attachment 

  1. You can now add the Power Point Presentation(PPT) to the attachments which will let you store all the PPTs like QBR , Success Plans, Kick-off meetings PPTs etc on the account

2. Incase you added any attachment by mistake, you can now reach out to CustomerSuccessBox's Support team to delete the attachment.

Editing of Account ID:

Account ID will be non-editable to CSM & will be editable only to admins.

Other enhancements

  • Super Mangers will now be able to create/edit the email template.
  • “Subscription end on” date has been added in the Financial Tab of Account 360 page.

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