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Milestones 2.0


Product Adoption Milestones(P.A.M) are one of the very important way to find out if customer has been really adopting the product. With the help of CustomerSuccessBox, you were able to configure Product Adoption Milestones on the basis of features & modules only. 

With this latest release, you will be able to set up PAM based on various advance use-cases.

Technically, we will adding below metrics to let you configure milestones on:

  • Licence utilisation
  • Active days
  • Usage frequency
  • Daily Active Users
  • Total Active Users
  • Timespent
  • Custom attributes with advance configuration options

With this release, now you will be able to cover following use-cases.

  1. Setting up a Product Adoption Milestone(PAM) when licence utilisation has reached more than 70% for the 1st time. This can be a true indicator of successful Onboarding & can be placed as a milestones in the Training/Go-live phase of Onboarding playbook/Go-live/launch Playbooks.

  2. Setting up a Product Adoption Milestone(PAM) when Customer has stared using the product & they have been consistency using the product  everyday for 5 days in last 7 days (including weekend). PAM= Active days is 5 in last 7 days.

  3. Setting up Usage frequency = daily as an important milestone to be considered post training sessions of the users.

  4. Setting up PAM as total active users to be more than 5 to be the mark of successful onboarding.

  5. If you are sending the information to CustomerSuccessBox, in the form of custom attributes. Example : 
    1. Custom attribute is minimum transactions to be conducted on the platform as per sales contract (this is just an example for companies whose price is based on consumables). Then you can set up a milestone when customer reaches 50 % os those minimum transactions.
    2. Keeping a custom attributes true as an important milestone.

Direct application : You can associate these Product Adoption Milestones to the Playbooks.

How to configure Milestones 2.0?

On you CustomerSuccessBox instance, hover over Automation and click on "Product Adoption Milestones"

Now follow the steps below to create your PAMs:

  1. Click on Add New to add a new Product Adoption Milestone
  2. On this tab, write the Name of the PAM and select the Segment it should apply to
  3. After this, you will now see additional sections to set your PAMs along with Features and Modules. You can now make PAMs using the following data sets:
    • Custom Account Attributes
    • Usage (License Utilisation)
    • Frequency (Based on Active Days and Usage Frequency)
    • Users (Daily Active Users and Total Active Users)
    • Time Spent 
  4. Once you have set your configuration, click on Save to save the PAM and that's it! Now let us get the data and how you how your customers are doing in the different stages of their lifecycle

For any other use-case that you were planning to implement, feel free to reach out to your CSM in CustomerSuccessBox.

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