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This article will assist you in understanding the newly introduced Integration Hub in CustomerSuccessBox (CSB) to gather current statuses of enabled integrations, check the logs and enable new integrations in your CSB instance. 

Who’s this for?

If you are responsible for managing a CSB instance (mainly admins), this article will help you understand how to make use of the Integration Hub to view available integration, enable new integration or gather current state of any of the enabled integrations.


Integrating CSB with other platforms (Support, CRM, subscription tools etc.) allows you to centralise all information related you a customer in one place, serving as the single source of truth. 

CSB offers a wide range of integrations with different platforms and all of this is managed via the Integration Hub on your CSB instance. With the latest development in the integrations hub, you will now be able to:

  1. Authorise/enable a new Integration
  2. Review authorised/enabled integrations with the following information:
    • Unauthorise Integrations
    • Disable Integrations
    • Enable Integrations
    • Configure Integrations
    • View History Logs for Integrations

What all can I do on the New Integrations Hub?

In the new integration hub you will now be able to perform the following actions:

When to use?
When you want to disable the current running integration between CSB and any application. This means no data will be updated from the application to CSB. In case the integration has been temporarily disabled for some reason, the same needs to be manually enabled once you want to resume the integration.

Note: Use ONLY in cases where integrations need to be paused temporarily.
When you want to change any configuration/mapping for an existing integration. For example, when you want to bring in an additional field from your CRM to CSB.
When you need support on how to integrate the supported applications with CSB
When you want to review the following for an existing integration: starting and ending time for the integration sync cycle, number of records(entries) created or updated. It also displays all the sync cycles that have executed after enabling the integration with their status.
When you want to revoke the access and disable an existing integration. After unauthorising any integration, users will be required to authorize the integration again and enable it again.
Note: Use ONLY in cases where integrations need to be stopped permanently.


How can I access in the Integrations Hub?

You can view all the connected integrations from a single window just by navigating to Integrations from the Help Menu(?).

It allows the user to take all the actions for connected integration from a single menu. The integration can be disabled, unauthorised and configured. The history logs and current statuses can be checked as well. 

Browse and search for available integrations offered by us and integrate with CSB to get the data flowing.

View History Logs

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  2. Create a conversation from here
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