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Introducing User Page and User Tab


This article will help you understand how to navigate the user page based on the new enhancements that have been made on CustomerSuccessBox. The new interface aims to being you better visibility into users for each account with additional filters to get to the information you need, faster. Along with this view, we have added a page for individual users to help you identify your promoters/detractors based on their usage.

Who is this for?

If you are a Customer Success Manager (CSM) handling a portfolio of accounts, this article will help you use the new User section interface in a more efficient way.

What is the new User’s Page?

The User’s page will be similar to the Account’s page, which will display all the user-related information like:

  1. User segment, Title, Role
  2. Contact details of the User along with the Time-zone of the user
  3. Communication, Activity logs
  4. User Info- like first/ last active date, created on, etc
  5. Custom Attributes
  6. Journey in which it is enrolled in or has been a part of
  7. Product usage trend
  8. Top 5 used features/modules

What are the product adoption metrics available on the new User Page?

Just like we have the list of accounts under the ‘Accounts’ section, we will have the list of users which will be clickable under the ‘users’ section. That will land you on the specific user’s page with all the related details.

  1. Last Active On: When the user was last active on your platform
  2. Active Days: The number of days the user has been active on your platform
  3. Last Touchpoint At: Date of the last touchpoint with the User
  4. Time Spent: Hoe much time the user has spent on your platform
  5. Activity in the Last 60 Days: History of whether the user has been active/inactive on each day in the last 60 days.
  6. 90 Day Timeline: View trends in different product adoption metrics, aggregated either daily or weekly. Click here for more information on the 90 Day Timeline.
  7. Top 10 Features used in last 14 days: The features used most by the user in the last 14 days
  8. Top 10 Modules used in last 14 days: The modules used most by the user in the last 14 days

What are the new filters available to me on the new User Tab on Account 360 Page?

In the new and improved user tab, will now have the following filters to help you navigate better:

  • User Roles: We've now made it easier for you to quickly filter out your users based on the roles they have within the organisation.  Click here to know more about User Roles.

  • User Persona: You can now filter the users in an account based on their user personas. Click here to know more about User Personas.  

  • User Activity: You can now filter user based on how active they are on your platform. The following options will be available to you in this filter:

    • Active: Users that have been active on your platform in the last 14 days.

    • In-Active: Users that have not been active on your platform in the last 14 days.

    • Never Logged In: Users that have never logged into your platform ever.

Can I choose the columns visible to me on the user tab?

Yes, you can! The new user tab interface will now allow you to select the columns visible to you on the screen. This is similar to the option we have on the Accounts Page. Click on the three bars you see on the top right o the user tab section and select the columns you want to see on this tab.

Note: While selecting the columns visible to you on this tab, you can select 2 columns at max to be frozen in the view.

Can I see how many total users there are in an account in the new User Tab?

Yes, on the top right corner, you will not have a section that shows you how may total users there are in a particular account.

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