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Custom Attributes - Which one to choose?


This article will help you in figuring out which attribute is best for you as per you use case. Best way to decide this is to figure out what kind of values the attribute is going to hold.

Please refer to the below use cases and it will help you to figure out which custom attribute suits your use case.

Single Line text

Can be used to store Names, Aliases or any information which limits to 2 or 3 words.

Note: The character limit is 190 characters.


  • Name: Bobby Singer
  • POC: Dean Winchester

Multi-Line Text

Can be used where you need to store any information which is not limited to single line. If you want to store Addresses, Short Description, Notes, this will be the best fit. Like:

  • Address
  • Description


Used when you need to capture or hold a date . Example :

  •  Deal Closed on: YYYY-MM-DD
  •  User's Birthdate: YYYY-MM-DD
  •  Next QBR Date: YYYY-MM-DD etc.


This attribute will help you store a date time stamp. Example:

  • Timezone: YYYY-MM-DD H:M:S
  • Last Contacted: YYYY-MM-DD H:M:S
  • Service Ending on: YYYY-MM-DD H:M:S.   etc.


Best for capturing when you need to store a point in time. Example:

  • Preferred contact time: H:M:S
  • Business Hours Starts from: H:M:S. etc.


Used when you need to pick a single option from available values (Drop-Down List). You can add options which will be available in the drop-down.


Attribute: {Available Options}

  • Day: {M,T,W,T,F,S,S}
  • Tier: {1,2,3}
  • Priority: {High, Medium, Low}
  • Plan: {Basic, Professional, Business}   etc.

Multi Select

Used when you need to pick one or more option(s) from available values (Drop-Down List). You can add options which will be available in the drop-down. Example:

Attribute: {Available Options}

  • Add ons: {A,B,C,D}
  • Location(s): {UK, US, EU, RoW}
  • Plan(s) Subscribed: {Graphite, Diamond, Saffire}


Best for cases where you have to store a numerical value which is not in fraction.


  • NPS: 4
  • Current Satisfaction Score: 5
  • Number of tickets created: 38
Note: CustomerSuccessBox only supports positive integers and up to 10 digits.


Boolean attributes can hold values True or False. Best suited for use when the attribute needs to hold either a yes or no value. 


  • Integrated: False
  • Feedback Provided: True
  • AI Enabled: True

Note: When creating Boolean attributes, default value is required


URL type attributes can hold a complete URL(link). Unlike text, URL attributes redirect to the URL when clicked upon whereas if a URL is kept in the text it will simply allow you to edit the URL instead of opening the link.


  • Company Website: CustomerSuccessBox
  • Implementation sheet link
  • Customer Success Plan sheet


This attribute allows holding floating values i.e. decimal values whereas Integers do not allow decimals but only can store whole numbers. Best suited when you to store consumed or utilised values out of a fraction.


  • Utilization (%): 77.3
  • Space consumed (GB): 63.42

Team Members

This attribute can be created when you need to tag or mark your own team members to the account. Marking the users can provide a quick info to the account/success managers.

When you create an attribute of the type "Team Member", it gives you a drop-down of the users to select from. Dropdown list contains all the names as defined on the Team Management page in CustomerSuccessBox(Users of your CustomerSuccessBox). 

Example :

  • Deal Closed by: John Doe
  • Retention Lead: Jane Doe

# Where John and Jane are your team/org members and users of your CustomerSuccessBox.

Note: This attribute does not allow the user(when tagged/marked) to view the account and perform actions. To provide a view access, please refer to Team Roles.


Use this attribute where you need to store the amount of any currency or transactional amounts. 


  • One Time Implementation Fee: $ 100 
  • Site visit fee: £ 59
  • Discount Offered: ¥ 20

Currency attributes have default currency as AUD. To change the currency unit please navigate to Settings > Currency. Changing the currency will change it globally in CustomerSuccessBox, you can't set it up per account.

Please refer to our article on Custom Attributes for more information.

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