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Feature Function

As of April 30th 2019, this documentation has been migrated to

This documentation will be maintained on an ongoing basis at the new home.

analytics.feature (FeatureID, ModuleID, ProductID)

Important: Before calling this function, it is mandatory to use the Login function to set the User and Account details for the account which the Product usage activity is being logged. 

This function call is used to log all events that you wish to track. This function call happens right after the feature has been invoked.

  analytics.feature("<#FeatureID>", "<#ModuleID>", "<#ProductID>");

To send custom data along with Feature, use the following  call.

analytics.feature("FeatureID", "ModuleID", "ProductId", 
Custom_1:  Custom_1_Value, 
Custom_2:  Custom_2_Value, 
Custom_n:  Custom_n_Value 


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