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FAQs on Custom Attributes

Q. Why is it important to choose the correct data type at the time of creation? Can’t I change it later ?

Always choose the data type of the attribute for which the attribute is intended to hold the data. The data type and API label can’t be changed.

For example, consider storing the names of the organisations, a custom attribute of data type Single Line Text or Multi-Line Text or Pick List or Multi Select Pick List, all are workable 

but you should go for Pick List to keep your data clean and sorted assuming that the list of organisations would already be available, it is about right to go for Pick List type custom Attribute.

Note : When a custom attribute is deleted and a new one is created with a same name, the API Name is changed and hence it will be necessary to change and select the new attribute wherever used(Alerts, Segment etc)

Q. How can I add data/values in attributes for every account ?

  • Values can always be added and changed from the product.

  • Values for custom attributes can be added via API and import as well.

Note: When importing:

  • Please be sure to use the values as mentioned in their API Names. If not, then the attributes will not be mapped.

  • When creating the attribute, you can’t upload the options in case of Pick Lists, it is only configurable via UI.

Q. I am not able to remove attributes value via API. Please assist.  

  •  Resetting/Removing a value via import is not possible whereas the values can be removed/changed via UI(if there is no default value).

  • APIs can be used to remove the value by passing an empty string.

{“custom_Value” : “”}, Integer and Boolean can’t be removed as they cannot be empty.

How do I map the custom attributes data during Integrations?

Custom attributes gives you an option to map data that is outside the standard data fields available in CustomerSuccessBox. When you are integrating any third-party applications with CustomerSuccessBox, you can map the custom attributes with the third-party application values.

Please ensure that while trying to search for the attribute in the mapping list, you use the name of API which is mentioned just beside the name of attribute. Also, we would recommend you to map the fields of the same type.

How do I map the custom attributes data while importing data?

While importing data into CustomerSuccessBox, you can map the custom attributes to CSV file during the Mapping stage.

For this follow the steps mentioned in Importing data in CSV, and while mapping the data you need to map the custom attributes to the respective fields in the CSV file. 

Can I use custom attributes for sending Product telemetry data?

We do not recommend  sending streaming/product telemetry data on custom attribute since you can't see the trend of product usage. But there are certain events where you want collective dat, in that way you can send data via Custom attributes.

Example: If you want to track a new workflow created, you should send the product telemetry data via "Track feature APIs". This information will be visible in cSB & you can set Product Adoption Milestones, Health, 90 days timeline etc. But if you send the same data in custom attribute, we do not aggregate custom attribute & no intelligence or insight gets generated.

But you can definitely use the information to filter & apply the non-aggregated form in the rule-engine.

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