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Individual User Page on Account 360


CustomerSuccessBox allows you to drill down to individual account level to check for key metric like their product adoption trend, their touch points trend etc. Along with this view, we are now also coming up with a similar page for individual users to help you identify your promoters/detractors based on their usage.

Who is this for?

If you are a Customer Success Manager responsible for handling a set of accounts, this page will help you understand how you can check the health of individual users within our portfolio.

What is the User’s Page?

The User’s page will be similar to the Account’s page, which will display all the user-related information like:

  1. User segment, Title, Role
  2. Contact details of the User along with the Time-zone of the user
  3. Communication, Activity logs
  4. User Info- like first/ last active date, created on, etc
  5. Custom Attributes
  6. Journey in which it is enrolled in or has been a part of
  7. Product usage trend
  8. Top 5 used features/modules

How will the User Page look like?

Just like we have the list of accounts under the ‘Accounts’ section, we will have the list of users which will be clickable under the ‘users’ section. That will land you on the specific user’s page with all the related details.

Contact Us

In most cases, you would have a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will be your point-of-contact for any queries or assistance. You may also,

  1. Initiate a chat directly from within CustomerSuccessBox. Use Chat (under ? icon) on the top right navigation bar.
  2. Create a conversation from here
  3. Send an email to

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