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FAQs on HubSpot Service Hub Integration

  1. If I integrate, will this bring HubSpot chat, tickets, or both?
    Yes, the current Integration will fetch tickets and chats both.

  2. Some of my users are not present in CSB, how can I get their tickets?
    The Integration will only fetch tickets if the users are already present in CSB. But if you still want to fetch the tickets which are not linked to the user present in CSB. You should do a custom Integration with CSB where you will have to add account IDs to the tickets/Accounts in HubSpot Accounts. You should explore this option 7 its feasibility with the Support team.

  3. Sometimes, tickets get created on behalf of customers by CSM, how do I attribute that in CSB?
    Since the requestor’s email address will be of the CSM, by standard integration, that tickets will not be fetched & attribute in CSB.
    If you take the Custom Integration route where tickets are linked with Account IDs, then it is possible to attribute tickets created by CSMs.

  4. What's in the product roadmap related to Hubspot Service Hub?
    Following things are being considered in the roadmap:

    1. Fetching tickets real-time.

    2. Linking of tickets at the Account level, so tickets will be fetched even if the user’s email address is not present in CSB.

    3. Ability to let you add internal notes for the Support team from the CSB platform.

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