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Enhancements in Invoice currency conversion


This article will help you understand, what are the recent changes we have done to currency conversions rules with respect to the default currency on the Invoice fields.

Who’s this for?

This is for the customers who are sending Invoice data via Import, any Integrations or APIS. 

What will I be able to achieve?

With the new enhancements, all the amount fields in the Invoice object will be converted to the  default currency that you have set up for your account.

 Example: If you have set up USD as your default currency in CSB, but an invoice was generated with the Euros currency, then system will automatically converts all the invoice fields to USD.

How to set up Default currency?

Go to settings>> Currency>> Choose the Default Currency.
Default currency is the currency in which you would want CSB to show all the Amount related fields . Example :MRR, amount, Amount Paid etc.

Where will I see the changes?

While sending the invoice data, you may send the  different currencies. 

The currency field is visible on Account page  >>Invoices>> Open an Invoice, there is a currency field.

Post enhancement, all these fields will be converted & visible in the Invoice section.

In which fields it will be applicable?

It is applicable in below fields:

  1. Total

  2. Amount Paid

  3. Amount adjusted

  4. Amount due

  5. write off Amount

What if I want to know the default currencies?

All the default currencies are visible at the individual Invoice level. If you want to see the all of them at the same time, ask the Support Team to create a custom dashboard for you where it will be visible.

What are the conversion rates?

We update the currency rates once every month automatically. We follow references from this website-

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