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Email sync troubleshooting guide

  1. I cannot find the email which should have been synced?

    1. Confirm if the CSMs inbox where the expected email was sent from is authorized and configured correctly. If not, please authorize the inbox first.

    2. Note that only emails will be synced that meet the following criteria:

      1. Inbox is of the CSM is authorized

      2. End User (eg: with the same email exists in the account where email is expected to be synced.

      3. It may take up to 30 min for email to sync

      4. Historic emails (emails sent/received prior to inbox authorization) are never synced. 

  2. I can see emails which should not have been synced?

    1. If this email is exchanged between an internal account and any end user who is part of the user group of the Account, then that email is treated as email exchange between end users and hence it is synced. 

    2. To stop this from happening delete the end user from the account using our API calls (No graphical user interface deletion is offered to prevent accidental deletion) or change the email address to a non matching (eg: 

    3. You can also request (send request to email with certain domains (eg: to be blacklisted / stopped from syncing. 

    4. Note that if the user is/ was created from an external source, such as API call or Support / CRM integration, please make sure that the user is removed from the source, else the user will be recreated on the next sync. 

  3. I can see the same email synced under multiple accounts?

    1. This is probably because the end user exists in multiple accounts. To stop this from happening, please remove the end user from that account. 

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