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CustomerSuccessBox 101 Training for CSMs | How to Sync your Email and Calendar


Emails & meetings serve as the best form of communication with customers in most cases. In this section, you will learn about  syncing your Emails and Calendar to log all the emails that you send to the customer, how to call your customers from CustomerSuccessBox. All these calls and emails will get recorded to help us while calculating the relationship with your customer.

This information will also help you to understand how long a meeting or training lasted or can remind you to connect with your customer when the relationship health drops.

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Who is this for?

This article is primarily for the Customer Success Managers(CSM)/Account owners. The administrator needs to create an account for the CSM and assign the role of Customer Success Manager to them. 

What will I be able to achieve?

  • Syncing emails and Calendar with CustomerSuccessBox

  • Calling customers from CustomerSuccessBox

  • Logging meetings and taking notes in CustomerSuccessBox 

  • Viewing the emails, calls, meeting and notes in your timeline

How does Email and Calendar sync works in CustomerSuccessBox?

For this, you need to first log into the CustomerSuccessBox. If you don’t have access to CustomerSuccessBox, please contact your administrator for the same. In case of any other issue, please contact the Support team( at CustomerSuccessBox. You also need to set up your profile. Learn how to set up your profile here.

Step 1: Syncing Emails and Calendar in CustomerSuccessBox

As email is a strong form of communication with your customer, it is advisable to keep a track of it in CustomerSuccessBox. It will  keep you updated about the last conversation that you had with your customer. Once you successfully sync your emails, all the emails sent to your customers either from CustomerSuccessBox or your email tool will get logged into CustomerSuccessBox.

Note: Administrators need to whitelist the Gmail App before syncing the Emails and Calendar if you are using Gmail.  Read about it here.

There are two options through which you can sync your Emails and Calendar, which are:

Option 1: Using actionability tab present on Accounts 360 page

The actionability tab present in CustomerSuccessBox is the functionality using which you can take actions based on the insights and forecasts that you get from CustomerSuccessBox. 

  • Click on the Customers drop-down present on the top bar of the CustomerSuccessBox. Then click on the Accounts option.

  • Here yo will see all the accounts assigned to you. 

  • Click on the account that you need to work on today. This will open the Account 360 page for that account.

  • Go to the Actionability box.

  • Click on the Email tab.

  • Click on the Add an Email Account button to add your email address in CustomerSuccessBox.

Option 2: Using the Sync Emails and Calendar option in CustomerSuccessBox

  • Click on the User icon present on the top-right of the Portfolio screen. Then click on the Sync Emails & Calendar option that appears from the drop-down menu.

Syncing emails and Calendar in CustomerSuccessBox

Both the above options will take you to the below page,

You can sync your Gmail+Calendar or Outlook+Calendar in CustomerSuccessBox. If you have your emails on other servers, consult with your administrators to help you in integrating those servers with CustomerSuccessBox to sync your emails and Calendar.

For more steps on how to Sync Emails and Calendars read here.

Through this step, you will sync both the Emails and Calendar with CustomerSuccessBox. After successful completion, you will see the green ticks like shown below.

Step 2: Sending emails to Customers

For this, you must be on the Accounts 360 page, in the Actionability box. Then follow the below steps,

  • Click on the Email tab.

  • Select the receiver email address in the "To" field. You can also add your team members to "CC" or "BCC" field. Ask your administrator to add the email address to the Account or User profile if not added.

  • Once done you can select from the Email templates created by your administrators or you can draft your personalised email as well.

  • Click on the Send button to send the email to your customers.

Note: If the sync is working properly, all the emails sent from the CustomerSuccessBox or from your Email box to your customers will get logged in CustomerSuccessBox for ready reference. Also, it can take up to 30 minutes to sync your Emails in CustomerSuccessBox.

In order to make sure, the sync happens effectively, make sure you take care of the following things:

  • You have synced your Inbox (Google or Outlook) with CSB

  • The user  whom you have sent/receive an email is already present in CSB with the same email address.

  • We do not sync internal emails. At least 1 email address who is a user in the system needs to be present

  • We do not sync backdated emails. Meaning, your timeline will show emails that are sent/ received post-authorisation.

  • Syncing time is 30 min.

  • If the connection/sync breaks in between, we send out an email, please re-sync it again.

  • If your email has not synced, because of any of the reason, you can always BCC or forward that email 

Step 3: Enabling Calls in CustomerSuccessBox

Most of the time email serves as the best form of communication with your customers. But if your customer prefers you calling instead of sending emails, you can make calls directly from CustomerSuccessBox using your registered number.

There are two options through which you can Enable Calls, which are: 

Option 1: Using Actionability box  on Accounts 360 page

Once you are on the Account 360 page for that account,

  • Go to the Actionability box.

  • Click on the Call option.

  • Click on the Add your phone number button to add your registered phone number in CustomerSuccessBox.

Option 2: Using the Enable Calls option in CustomerSuccessBox

  • Click on the User icon present on the top-right of the Portfolio screen. Then click on the "Enable Calls" option that appears from the drop-down menu.

Enabling Calls in CustomerSuccessBox

Both the above options will take you to the below page,

For more steps on how to Enable Calls read here.

Through this step, you will enable calling functionality in CustomerSuccessBox. After successful completion, you will see,

Step 4: Making Calls from CustomerSuccessBox

Once you have enabled calls, follow the below mentioned steps to call your customer from CustomerSuccessBox.

  • Go to the account that you want to call.

  • Click on the Actionability box.

  • Click on the Call tab.

  • Select the contact of your customer to connect.

  • Click on the drop-down option Call from the browser. You will get two options,

    • Call from Browser:  Call will be connected directly from the browser.

    • Call from Phone:  You will receive a call on your phone number. Once you answer it, you will get connected to your customer.

  • Once the call completes, the call recording will automatically get saved into CSB. Also, you will be able to see this call recording in the timeline of the account.

  • You can also add notes that you want to record regarding this conversation that you had with your customer. For this, create the required notes and press the "Save" Button.

Step 5: Logging the meetings in CustomerSuccessBox

There are two options to log meetings in CustomerSuccessBox, which are,

Option 1: Automatic logging of meetings

Once you successfully sync your Calendar in CustomerSuccessBox, the meetings created in the Calendar will automatically get logged into CustomerSuccessBox only when any user on CustomerSuccessBox have accepted the meeting invite. Also, the meeting details will get reflected in CustomerSuccessBox within 15 minutes.

Prerequisite for syncing calendars:

  • You have synced your Calendar with CSB

  • The user with whom you had a meeting is already present in CSB with same email address

  • Atleast one user should have accepted the Calendar invitation sent by you.

  • We do not sync past meetings. Only the Meetings which are done post authorisation will get sync.

  • Syncing time is 15 min.

  • If your meeting has not synced due of any of the above reasons, you can log the meeting manually.

  • In case you are adding any user/attendee afterwards, the event will not get sync.

  • You must be the Organiser of the meeting in order to get it sync.

2nd way: Manually logging meetings

Many a times the customer doesn’t confirms the invitation, but joins the meeting, such meetings cannot be integrated automatically in the system. For such meetings, you need to log them manually in CustomerSuccessBox. Follow the below steps to achieve this,

  • Go to the account where you want to log the meeting.

  • Click on the Actionability box.

  • Click on the Log tab.

  • Here you need to provide the below details like,

  • Event type: What type of meeting is this i.e. training, presentation, Case Study, etc. By default it is set to Meeting.

  • Start-time

  • Duration

  • Event Title

  • Attendees: The users in CustomerSuccessBox who have attended the event.

  • Message: Brief description of the discussion that took place in the meeting.

Click on the Save button to record the meeting details.

Step 6: Viewing the communication with customer using Accounts 360 page

Once you are on the Accounts 360 page, 

  • Click on the timeline of the account present just below the Actionability box.

  • Click on the Communication tab to view all the conversation that you had in the past.

  • You can click on 

    • Expand button to get more details about a particular conversation.

    • Click on the icon to remove the conversation from the timeline.

    • Click on the 

       to edit the communication.
    • Click on the icon to reply to the email, or
      icon to reply all to the email, or
      to forward the email.


  • Question: I am unable to see emails in CSB while the user exist. 
    Answer: Kindly check if the user's email address is present in the "email" field & not any other field.

  • Question: If I sent an email from my email box and within 5 mins created the user in CSB, will that email be synced as syncing takes 30 mins?
    Answer: User needs to be present in the system & post that when email is sent, it will reflect within 30 mins.

  • Question: If the user in CSB is marked in CC and the mail is sent to internal teams, will it also get synced?
    Answer: No. The customer you are sending the email to needs to be in the "To" and not in CC.

  • Question: Can I add user while sending the email?
    Answer: Yes, you can add a user while sending out an email. By default, we will save email address, yo will have to fill up the rest of the details later.

  • Question: Can we reply or forward email from CS Box?
    Answer: Yes, we can reply and forward email from CS Box.

  • Question: If the user has 2 numbers, how will the call option function?
    Answer: We do have an option where you can store Mobile number & other phone number. So both the numbers can be stored & call from.

  • Question: Will I be able to get a notification for an incoming call?
    Answer: CustomerSuccessBox is a tool specifically for taking proactive actions in terms of calling a customer. We do not maintain nor notifies you on Incoming calls.

  • Question: Can I download the call recording from CSB?
    Answer: No, you can't download the recording, you can only listen it in CSB platform.

  • Question: Can I edit the log ?
    Answer: Yes, you can definitely edit the log. Go to the timeline entry, click on pencil icon, edit the log.

Contact Us

In most cases, you would have a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will be your point of contact for any queries or assistance. You can always:

  1.  Initiate a chat directly from within your CustomerSuccessBox. Use the Chat option from the Chat icon in the top right-side of the navigation bar.

  2. Create a conversation from here.

  3. Send an email to the Support team.

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