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Configuring Team Activity/Event Type


This section will help you understand how to configure Team activity. You can create alerts or tasks based on different event types. It can also help you to measure the level of engagement based on these event types.

Who is this for?

This article is primarily for people responsible for setting up CustomerSuccessBox.

What will I be able to achieve?

  • Use case for Team Activity/Event type

  • Configuring and managing Team activity. 

  • Using Team Activity/Event type in CustomerSuccessBox

Use Case for Team Activity/Event types

  • You can create Alerts when a customer has not done a QBR review(an event) for the past 90 days. Once this alert has got triggered, such accounts will automatically get enrolled in Account Journeys. Learn more about Account journeys here.

  • You can create a task for your CSM if they have not finished their training in the initial 30/60 days.

  • You can use it to track Reference ability in the form of online reviews, testimonials, case studies, webinars, speakers, etc.

  • You can track important engagements like Go-live training, Professional Services Hours (PS Hours), etc.

Configuring and managing Team Activity types/Event types

CustomerSuccessBox allows you to create different team activity/event types that will help you define various engagement models with your customer. In addition, it helps you in easy tracking of other activities undertaken for them. For example, meetings, Online reviews, etc.

You need to follow the below steps to create and manage the event types.

  • Click on the Gear icon present on the top right bar of the CustomerSuccessBox dashboard. Then click on the Team Activity Types option.

  • Once you are on the page, click on Add new type button to create a new event type.

  • You will have to provide a label for the event type. 

  • Click on the Save button to finish.

  • To edit any existing Event type, click on   icon.

Using Team Activity/ Event types in CustomerSuccessBox

Team Activity types are used for logging an activity undertaken with a customer. It will help you keep track of your engagement with them. You can manually log activity with your customer where you can use these event types. 

Managers can report or view these events that occurred in the past by visiting the Accounts timeline page. For that, you need to first go to the individual Accounts page. 

  • Go to the Actionability box.

  • Click on the Logs tab.

  • Click on the Event type drop-down to choose the desired event type. 

  • You can also search for an existing log(that is manually or automatically fed in the system) by using the Search bar present in the Timeline section. Learn more about Account’s Timeline here.

Click on the desired result to view further details.

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In most cases, you would have a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will be your point of contact for any queries or assistance. You can always:

  1.  Initiate a chat directly from within your CustomerSuccessBox. Use the Chat option from the Chat icon in the left-side navigation bar.

  2. Create a conversation from here.

  3. Send an email to the Support team.

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