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The Whitelabelling of Custom Email Domain feature allows outbound emails from CustomerSuccessBox to run under your own domain name such as In order to use the White Label Email feature in CustomerSuccessBox, you need to make some changes to the Authentication settings of your email domain. Email providers require these DNS settings in order to validate that you have authorized CustomerSuccessBox to email reports on your behalf. The settings help prevent your emailed reports from getting bounced or classified as SPAM.

Who’s this for?

If you are responsible for setting up CustomerSuccessBox and specifically in charge of setting up Journeys, you are at the right place. This article will help you with using your own email domain to send out bulk emails via automation through Journeys. 

Note:- You (or a coworker) will need access to your DNS host to complete the authentication.

Best Practices and recommendations:-

We recommend that you do not use your primary domain to send emails via Journeys as Journeys are used for automation to send bulk emails. We highly recommend you to use a secondary domain to send bulk emails.
The reason that we do not recommend using your primary domain is because there is high probability that the users receiving the emails might mark it as Spam and if even a handful of user’s mark the email as spam then that can degrade the authority of your primary domain.
There are a lot of services being used in the marketing world for identifying and marking the email domain as spam, hence it is a common practice in the marketing world that whenever you are anticipating even few emails to be marked as spam use a secondary domain instead of your primary domain which will eventually save taking a negative hit on your primary domain.

For e.g - If the primary domain is let’s say, we can create a new secondary domain such as



We highly recommend you to discuss this with your CSM before authorizing the                       domain or consult your internal marketing team, most likely that your marketing team has few domains handy and useful to send bulk emails or simply purchase a new domain instead of using the primary domain.


  1. Once logging into CustomerSuccessBox, we can simply click on the gear icon on the top right corner and select the Domain White label as shown in the image below.                              


In order to access the Domain White label, one needs to have Admin rights to CustomerSuccessBox.


2.  After clicking on the Domain White label, one will get redirected to the Domain Authentication page. We can simply click on the Get Started button (only if we have access to our DNS host).

The URL will look like this - {company}

3. The next step is to enter your domain and email address from which you would like to send the emails via Journeys. Once, we have successfully verified the domain and authorized the DNS setting to send email from CustomerSuccessBox, the emails will be sent via no-reply@{your-domain}.com

4. The last and the final step is to install/add the DNS records on your DNS host to start sending emails from your domain. We highly recommend to ask your co-worker in case you do not have access to the DNS Host to complete this authentication if you do not have access to the DNS host. 

Once the records are added, we can simply click on the checkbox in front of “I’ve added these records.” and click on the Verify Button.

Note:- We can choose to delete the current domain in order to set-up a new one.

Boom! That’s it!

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In most cases, you would have a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will be your point of contact for any queries or assistance. You may also,

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  2. Create a conversation from here

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