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Usage Frequency

Usage Frequency: considers the total number of days an Account was active in the last 14 Days.  An Account is considered active for a day if at least one user was active on the day of calculation. 

The total number of active days for an account in the last 14 days determines the value of Usage Frequency for the account. 

Usage frequency is calculated daily.

Drop Down list of values defined for Usage Frequency.

  • Daily (9+ Active Days out of last 14 days )
  • Weekly (5-8 Active Days out of last 14 days)
  • Occasionally (2-4 Active Days out of last 14 days)
  • Inactive (0-1 Active Days out of last 14 days)

The Usage Frequency parameter can be used in defining:

Good Health - Usage Frequency = Daily

Bad Health - Usage Frequency = Occasionally

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