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Tasks Section of the Account's Page allows you to Create and Manage various tasks for yourself in an organized and clean way.

For eg., Account's Renewal Date is coming the next month and you want to Schedule a Call with the Customer Representative about the Renewal in the coming week, you can assign Task for yourself to Schedule a Call with Customer Representative in the coming week.

Following task details, need to be specified while adding a Task:

  • Task Name: Name of the Task.
  • Due Date and Time: The Due Date and Time of the Task.
  • Note: The  Description of the Task.
  • Task Status: The Status of Tasks i.e. To Do, In Progress, Done.
  • Assigned To: The Assigned Customer Success Manager of the Task.
  • Priority: The Priority of the Task.

<space of Engagement Task Section>

You can easily Review, Track, Manage and Update Tasks from the Open Tasks Tab at the Account's Page and successfully Close the Task as well.

<space for open tasks tab>

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