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Configuring Lifecyle Stages

CustomerSuccessBox allow to create Custom Lifecycle Stages to track an Account's progress through these stages.

You can create custom stages if your business case needs a few - but they will always be classified under one of 4 Stage Types - Trial, Onboarding, Live and Cancelled

Four Lifecycle Stages Types that can be used are

  1. Trial: When the account is Trying your Product
  2. Onboarding: When a new customer is being on-boarded, usually first 90 days.
  3. Live: Onboarding is complete and account is now live. This stage can is sometimes also called as Retain or Retention stage.
  4. Cancelled: This is the last stage when Customer Churns out and cancels the Product subscription. 

Stage Names are the sub-stages for the Stage Type. For eg: Integration, Training are sub-stages for the Onboarding Stage

You can also reorder stages by holding the :: on the left most side and then drag then to reorder the Stages

Stage for an account can be set for an account from the Account 360 page

Note: Although some business may also use stages such as "Upsell" or "Convert", as separate stages. But we see them as "Signals" and hence better suited to be setup as Alerts or Segments, but not as a Stage. So we have not included them as a default Stage.

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