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Managing Accounts in Playbook

Who is this for?

This article is primarily for the Customer Success Managers(CSM)/Account owners and the administrators. 

What will I be able to achieve?

  • How to add an account to a playbook?

  • Learning how to view accounts in a playbook with new filters and sorting options

  • How to be on top of your accounts with reporting.

How to add an account to a playbook?

  1. Manual addition: You can also manually add your account to the playbook.
    As a CSM, you have the privilege to add your account to a particular playbook manually. This can be achieved via a playboard and the account 360 page.

    Via Playboards:-

    Step 1 - Go to the desired playbook
    Step 2 - Click on  in the first board titled as New on the playboard.

    Step 3 - Select an account from the list. Refer to the image below -

    Via Account 360 page:-

    Step 1 - Click on Accounts and open the account which you want to add to the playbook.

    Step 2 - Click on Playbooks and it will take you to the details of the playbook for that account. You can simply click on Start to add the account to the playbook.

    Note: One can also stop a playbook from the account show page as well as the playboards view. One Account can be in multiple Playbooks at any given point in time.

    Steps for stopping playbook from Playboard :

  • Go to Playbook

  • Click on Account

  • On the left drawer, in the Info icon, you will see the Stop button.

  1. Journeys: You would want that whenever a customer registers with you, they are automatically added to your Onboarding Playbook. The administrators can create automated Journeys for you that will automatically add new customers to Onboarding Playbook.
    Kindly refer to this article.

  2. Alerts: Also, Alerts that administrators create in CustomerSuccessBox auto-enrolls a customer to a playbook. For example, if an alert is created for Renewal accounts, all such accounts will automatically enroll in the Renewal playbook before completing 90 days.
    Kindly refer to this article

    What are the metrics available for Playbooks?

       You can now view the following metrics for all accounts in your portfolio:

  1. How many times has the playbook been stopped for an account?

  2. How many times has the playbook been restarted for an account?

  3. How many times has the playbook been extended for an account?

  4. Total days the playbook has been extended for an account

Kindly go through this article to learn more about these metrics.

Switching Playbooks

To view the details of the different playbooks, you click on the drop-down My Playbook that is present at the top left corner of the page.

Pro-tip: You can always start your day with tasks or steps that are already overdue.

Note: If you want any outcome or milestone added to that playbook, contact your administrator.

Using filters and sorting options in Playbooks

We have recently released a sorting and filtering feature for playbooks that can be accessed from playboards inside a playbook. 

We can sort the accounts inside the playbooks by -
Sort By:-
   1. Name of the account

   2. Enrollment date

   3. Step Overdue

   4. Playbook overdue

   5. Last Touchpoint Date

Filter By:-

  1. Enrollment Date

  2. Product Adoption Health ( Good / Average / Poor )

  3. Source ( Alert / Journey / Web )

  4. Success Roles

  5. Name of CSM/Role


The success role filter works in pair with the Name filter. As soon as you select a specific role, immediately the name filter will get reset. Then, you need to also provide the name of the particular individual whose accounts you wish to see in the playboard with the specific role.
All the accounts will be populated related to that particular individual with a specific success role.


Exporting account Reports via Playbook

We can also download the reports based on the accounts in a specific playbook. 

To export the account details from a specific playbook - 

  • Open the playbook from which you want to export. 


You can export the accounts which are displayed with the applied filters as well as all the accounts from the playbook to stay on top of your accounts by using the export option for reporting.

Contact Us

In most cases, you would have a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will be your point of contact for any queries or assistance. You can always:

  1.  Initiate a chat directly from within your CustomerSuccessBox. Use the Chat option from the Chat icon in the left-side navigation bar.

  2. Create a conversation from here.

  3. Send an email to the Support team.


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