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Integrating Mixpanel with CustomerSuccessBox


This article guides you through how to enable Mixpanel integration with CustomerSuccessBox. With this integration, your Customer Success/Account Management teams will be able to access and leverage the high value usage events by the users of your product within CustomerSuccessBox. 

Why should I integrate with Mixpanel?

Integrating Mixpanel with CustomerSuccessBox, enables you to 


Your Customer Success Manager will discuss the different options available to you for bringing in data from Mixpanel during the kick-off call. 

Finalize Account and User Identifiers

CustomerSuccessBox requires a unique account_id and user_id available in all data sources. This enables CustomerSuccessBox to map the data to the right account and/or user. 

You would need to set the unique identifier for account and users on a custom field belonging to an Account and/or User in Mixpanel. 

To learn more about creating Accounts and Users, refer to 'When should an account be created?' section of the Getting Started Guide
To learn more about unique Account ID and User ID, refer 'What should be the unique identifier for account and user?' section of the Getting Started Guide

Which events will be pulled from Mixpanel?

Your business stakeholders (typically Customer Success Director/Manager) will share a document similar to this on-boarding template. The usage events that would be pulled in from Mixpanel will be present in the 'product_usage' sheet of the document. 

Authorizing Access to Mixpanel

Follow the steps below to authorize CustomerSuccessBox access to Mixpanel

  1. Logon to Mixpanel and click on the Settings (Gear icon) > MyProject (under Project Settings) on the upper right-hand corner. Refer this Mixpanel support article for more details on getting the API Secret Key
  2. Copy 'API  Secret' from Project Settings page 
  3. Log-in to your CustomerSuccessBox instance 
  4. Navigate to the Integrations Hub from Settings (Gear Icon) > Integrations
  5. Find and click on Mixpanel in the Integrations Hub, copy the 'API Secret' in the 'API Key' field and click 'Authorize'

  • 'API Key' is stored in encrypted form at rest
  • 'API Key' is decrypted only during backend HTTPS call for integration
  • Decrypted 'API Key' are never exposed on the client side
  • Integration is read-only, and CustomerSuccessBox never performs any call other than GET

Your system is now ready to fetch the data from Mixpanel. Once all the above steps are done, drop a line via Chat on the left navigation panel in CustomerSuccessBox or reach out to your Customer Success Manager. CustomerSuccessBox engineering team will do the heavy lifting and complete Mixpanel integration for you. 

Sometimes your Customer Success/Account Management teams would want data to be integrated from non-default or custom fields. This is possible! Your Customer Success Manager would discuss your data structure and accordingly recommend the best mapping.

Data Fetch Frequency

CustomerSuccessBox fetches data from MixPanel once everyday at 12 am GMT. It typically happens at the end of the day (GMT) because all the data is available for CustomerSuccessBox to perform the required aggregations and analytical operations.

We're working to increase the frequency of fetch which will be available in near future. There are certain checks and guidelines which we are implementing to sync data more frequently and we will be there soon. 

Contact Us

In most cases, you would have a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will be your point-of-contact for any queries or assistance. You may also,

  1. Initiate a chat directly from within CustomerSuccessBox. Use chat option from Chat icon in left side navigation bar
  2. Create a conversation from here
  3. Send an email to
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