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Technical Documentation

Technical resources for Developers who will facilitate the implementation and integration of CustomerSuccessBox.

  1. JS Library

    1. JavaScript Client Reference has a new home
    2. Feature Function
    3. Account Function
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  2. API Documentation

    1. API Documentation has a new home
    2. Exception Handling while consuming CustomerSuccessBox’s APIs
  3. Integrating Subscription and Billing Applications

    1. Integrating Stripe with CustomerSuccessBox
    2. Integrating Chargebee with CustomerSuccessBox
    3. Integrating Recurly with CustomerSuccessBox
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  4. Integrating Analytics Applications

    1. Integrating Mixpanel with CustomerSuccessBox
    2. CustomerSuccessBox Destination on
  5. Integrating Support Applications

    1. Integrating Intercom with CustomerSuccessBox
    2. Integrating Zendesk with CustomerSuccessBox
    3. Integrating Freshdesk with CustomerSuccessBox
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  6. Integrating CRM Applications

    1. HubSpot CRM self-serve Integration with CustomerSuccessBox
  7. Integrating Salesforce CRM

    1. Overview: Integrating Salesforce with CustomerSuccessBox
    2. Prerequisites: Integrating Salesforce with CustomerSuccessBox
    3. Installation, configuration and authorizing access to SFDC
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  8. Integrating Gmail and Office365 Inbox

    1. Whitelist CustomerSuccessBox Gmail OAuth App as a Trusted App in G-suite
    2. Connecting Google Apps mailbox to CustomerSuccessBox
    3. Connecting Microsoft Office365 mailbox to CustomerSuccessBox
  9. Integrating Email Inbox using IMAP/SMTP

    1. Technical requirements for connecting your inbox to CustomerSuccessBox using IMAP / SMTP
    2. Connecting Email inbox to CustomerSuccessBox using SMTP/IMAP
  10. Integrating JIRA with CustomerSuccessBox

    1. How to integrate JIRA with CustomerSuccessBox
    2. How to associate my JIRA Issues to Accounts in CustomerSuccessBox?
    3. How to add Issues to Health Configuration?
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  11. Security Documentation

    1. InfoSec practices adopted at CustomerSuccessBox [File Upload]
  12. NPS Integrations

    1. Integrating with Wootric (an NPS tool) with CustomerSuccessBox
    2. NPS data in CustomerSuccessBox
    3. Slack Configuration
  13. Integrating via Zapier

    1. Zapier Integration Guide with CustomerSuccessBox